Investment Solutions

Cryptoscores is dedicated to providing our users with the tools they need to accomplish their financial goals. Our wide array of investment solutions exist to create a simpler investing experience in the cryptocurrency marketplace. By utilizing our extensive coin research and data-based Cryptoscores, we are able to offer a variety of free tools for Members and Guests to explore.
Cryptoscores offers free Trading Strategy Indicators, Weighted Cryptocurrency Portfolios, and other Educational Content and Tools that are sure to equip any trader with the data they need to succeed.

Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Constructing a diversified and well-researched investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies is a very difficult task for beginners and advanced traders alike. Portfolios require thorough due diligence in the asset allocation, monitoring/rebalancing, and evaluation of the portfolio’s performance. Luckily, Cryptoscores offers multiple weighted and vetted Portfolios available to our members. With lower and higher risk selections to choose from, these crypto portfolios are useful for any investor to consider when making or maintaining their investments..

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Customizable Tradingview Strategies

Trading Strategies can be based on a variety of Indicators, and Cryptoscores offers plenty of FREE Tradingview Scripts for any member to test and trade with. These indicators include a Customizable Moving Average Trading Script, Adjustable Volume Indicator, and a Stochastic Special Strategy. In addition to offering these free and customizable trading scripts on Tradingview, we also offer plenty of documentation and videos that can help any novice trader get started using Tradingview’s endless chest of resources.

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CryptoScores has collected coin price data from for a whole year to give you beta scores for all coins! Download the file below.
Top 100 Coin Betas

COMING SOON is just a year old, but we are expanding fast. Be on the lookout for the following developments in 2019:

Additional Tradingview Scripts and Customizable Indicators
Additional Cryptocurrency Portfolios and BETA Scores
Automated Trading Capabilities
Extensive Educational Content and Trading User Guides
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