Investment Solutions

Cryptoscores is dedicated to providing our users with the tools they need to accomplish their investment goals. Our wide array of solutions exist to create a simpler investing experience in the cryptocurrency marketplace. By leveraging our comprehensive, and un-bias Coin Scores, we are providing our users with advanced trading tools, tailored portfolios, and fully automated trading strategies.

The cryptocurrency marketplace is unlike any other alternative asset market out there. It’s an incredibly new and efficient way to store and exchange value, in a way that is inclusive to the entire world. The cryptocurrency market offers extraordinary potential for growth and opportunity as the world undergoes change faster than ever.

Take charge of your portfolio with our comprehensive Investment Solutions and trade crypto like a pro!
Full Release of Investment Solutions Coming SOON!


Trading Tools   

Our advanced trading tools allow you to bring precise trading mechanisms to your exchanges. It is imperative to have complete control over your orders and our trading tools make sure that you never miss a price target again. Many popular exchanges don’t offer advanced trading orders such as stop losses, take profits, stop markets, and stop limits.
Soon, our trading tool packages will allow you to operate such orders on the most popular exchanges.


Tailored Portfolios

Constructing a diversified and well sought out investment portfolio is a very difficult task for beginners and advanced traders alike. Investment portfolios require thorough due diligence in the asset allocation, monitoring/rebalancing, and evaluation of the portfolio’s performance. Luckily, we have created a solution to expedite this process.

We have applied our unique coin scoring system paired with careful financial due diligence to custom tailor cryptocurrency portfolios. These portfolios are constructed to meet the financial objectives of certain profiles based on factors like Return Objective, Risk Objective, Time horizon, and Capital Constraints.


Automated Trading Systems

Automated trading uses a trading algorithm to become completely automated. This type of trading has taken over the financial world, as large institutions have adopted high frequency automated strategies for application in trading of stocks, foreign exchange markets, commodities, and many other assets. This form of trading requires minimal maintenance and trading experience from our users since the strategy is executing the trade decisions.

Our Automated trading System is our most advanced investment solution, providing the highest potential yield.  Like our tailored portfolios, we have created a diverse set of trading algorithms to meet the objectives of different investor profiles. They are fully customizable, completely automated, and we provide historical performance data and results.

Full Release of Investment Solutions Coming SOON!