ZEC – Zcash

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Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are based on a public ledger of transactions, which can be difficult to keep personal purchase histories private when using public leger cryptocurrencies. Zcash, initially released in October 2016, utilizes a private ledger of transactions, serves as a private cryptocurrency, and has no public ledger of transactions. Additionally, Zcash is an open-source project and processed encrypted transactions to ensure the blockchain is secure and all personal information – including the sender, recipient, and value of the transaction are kept private. Bitcoin and Zcash share some properties, they are similar in that the cap is set to 21 million coins, as well as the mining reward is cut in half every 4 years. However, Zcash is highly unique in that it demands a “Founder’s Reward” of 10% of all of the 21 million units mined. Zcash is currently led by its founder and CEO Zooko Wilcox, and has been linked with JP Morgan Chase towards developing a privatized transaction department. Do you need blockchain for dummies? Check out CryptoScores Crypto Academy Page to obtain lucid blockchain info.

Average Blocktime2.48 minutes
Average Transaction Fee$0.003
Block Size45.7k
Coin Circulation2,928,831
Beta Coeffecient0.862




Zcash’s Whitepaper