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Verge (XVG)

$ 0.007007

Key Info

Average Blocktime2.5 minutes
Median Transaction Fee.1 XVG
Block Size378 Bytes
Coin Circulation Limit16.55 Billion
Beta Coefficient1.3874

Historical Returns

Coin Rating

SymbolCrypto ScoreVolumeVolatilityLiquidityIndustryApplicationMarketcapSupplyVolume (24h)Last 24h
XVG4.532.157.822.334.795.54$ 108.48 M15.48 B$ 1.12 M

Coin Summary

Verge was first released in 2014 as DogeCoinDark, a fork of popular meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, but was rebranded to Verge in 2016. It is a privacy coin that uses Tor and I2P networks to protect the identities and transactions of its users. Transactions are filtered through a multitude of IP addresses for anonymity. Its ledger is transparent, meaning that anyone has the ability to look at its transactions, but keeps the sender and receiver of the transaction private. It uses a Proof of Works (PoW) consensus mechanism that rewards miners on the Verge network for supplying computing power to keep the network running. The XVG network is completely functional and running, although there have been multiple attempted 51% attacks.

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