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$ 0.065156

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Average Blocktime1.05minutes
Median Transaction FeeVariable
Block Size120tx/block
Coin Circulation Limit8,999,999,999
Beta Coefficient1.1323
CategoryPayment Network/Platform

Historical Returns

Coin Rating

SymbolCrypto ScoreVolumeVolatilityLiquidityIndustryApplicationMarketcapSupplyVolume (24h)Last 24h
XEM5.155.802.444.335.947.24$ 586.40 M9.00 B$ 9.34 M

Coin Summary

XEM, released in March of 2015, is the underlying currency for the blockchain technology NEM. NEM is a non-profit organization, with a mission statement of: “The sole purpose of the Foundation is to introduce, educate, and promote the use of the NEM blockchain technology platform on an international scale to all industries and institutions.” The technology and currency are unlike other cryptocurrencies, in which it is 100% new coding, and not based on another cryptocurrency. NEM’s core breakthroughs, differentiating it from other crypto investments are their Proof of Importance algorithm, multi-signature accounts, and encrypted messaging service. Need blockchain for dummies to learn more? Check out CryptoScores ‘Crypto Academy’ tab.

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