XVG – Verge

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Verge, similar to Monero & Zcash in its privacy based premise, utilizes Tor and I2P networks to protect the identities and transactions of its users. Transactions are filtered through a multitude of IP addresses for anonymity. Network transactions for this public open source coin average at a five-second speed providing more practical use. The currency has not been pre-mined and does not have a majority developer holders, thus promoting fairness in the community. Midway December, cyber security expert John Mcafee endorsed the coin via Twitter introducing it to mass more crypto investors which sent the coin on a skyrocket. Surges of near 800% in less than a week have grasped the attention of major business news publishers. Claims to be “The most privacy based currency”. Do you need to know what is blockchain? Check out CryptoScores Crypto Academy Tab.

Beta Coeffecient2.0673
Max Supply16.555 billion

Verge’s ‘Black Paper’