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Polymath Network (POLY)

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Coin Circulation Limit1 Billion
Beta Coefficient1.307
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Polymath Network
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4.832.746.395.836.53$ 42.17 M288.43 M$ 2.20 M

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The Polymath Network strives to connect traditional investment tools such as stocks, bonds, and venture capitalists to blockchain technology through securities. They envision a network of investors that hold tokens rather than shares to show ownership of an asset. The Polymath network is launching security token offers, similar to ICOs. The project will enable the process of tokenization for companies, making it much simpler technically and legally to do so. Poly tokens are KYC compliant and can be created in a matter of minutes. Companies are able to control equity through customizable code, making the process as simple as possible for the business. Poly, being a cryptocurrency, makes transactions much quicker for investors to buy, sell, and be paid out dividends. Polymath is an Ethereum ERC-20 token on ETH’s blockchain yet has staked the ST-20 government compliant token standard for their security token offers. Similar to ETH, Poly is the fuel for transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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