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$ 0.358166

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Average BlocktimeN/A
Median Transaction Fee$0.00
Block SizeN/A
Coin Circulation Limit2.77 Billion
Beta Coefficient1.2262

Historical Returns

Coin Rating

SymbolCrypto ScoreVolumeVolatilityLiquidityIndustryApplicationMarketcapSupplyVolume (24h)Last 24h
MIOTA3.360.000.002.336.627.84$ 994.87 M2.78 B$ 7.75 M

Coin Summary

IOTA was built to scale mid-2016, its blockchain info has since become known as the strength of the Internet of Things because of its purpose of transmitting communication between electronic machines instantly and fee-less. Its ‘blockchain’ uses different ledger technology called ‘The Tangle’ which is more sustainable for microtransactions. Uniquely, ‘The Tangle’ program automatically processes network activity eliminating the need for mining for verification and grows stronger as the number of transactions increases, saving unfathomable amounts of energy. To manage the elimination of mining for units a cap has been established near 2.8 Peta units. Transactions actually increase speed as the critical mass is approached. Drawing red flags for some as a crypto investment, IOTA is supported on few trading platforms and offers limited access for U.S. customers. For IOTA’s and other crypto coin prices check out the table on CryptoScores homepage. Links below provide IOTA’s ‘Tangle’ blockchain explained.

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