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Coin Circulation Limit1 billion
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Ino Coin
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1.540.$ 35.73 M180.00 M$ 1.84 M

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InoCoin is a platform for funding of young blockchain projects that is offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. The mission is to help fund entrepreneurs and in turn investor in their projects such that projects with potential are not abandon solely based on a lack of capital. The InoCoin project aims to grow a wide pool of applicants for funding and have the users “invest” in the start-ups by choosing to fund the ones of the highest quality. InoCoin extensively researchs projects which will be listed on their platform to ensure that the projects meet their objectives and that projects with a high probability of success. The InoCoin offers projects from around the world to have access to capital pooled from around the world and vise versa, gives the investor boundless opportunity to find reputable projects through the internet and instant transactions. The INO coin acts as a utility token for the crowdfunding investment platform. Similar to other crowdfunding projects, investors may receive special access and benefits to being an early funder.

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