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Electroneum (ETN)

$ 0.007506

Key Info

Average Blocktime2 minutes
Median Transaction Fee0.01
Block Size10.93 KB
Coin Circulation Limit21 billion
Beta Coefficient1.2320

Historical Returns

Coin Rating

Crypto ScoreApplicationIndustryLiquidityVolatilityVolumeMarketcapVolume (24h)Last 24hSupply
4.846.755.190.677.943.64$ 64.97 M$ 140.48 K8.66 B

Coin Summary

Electroneum is a mobile based digital ecosystem which hopes to allow people to transfer value at their fingertips with a smartphone. Doing so they could offer banking services to the billions of people in the world that do not have the access to such financial service. ETN claims to offer the fastest transactions times of any cryptocurrency and is compliant to anti-money laundering and know your customer policy. Electroneum is built off of Moneros code and emphasizes the privacy of transactions by using one time wallet addresses for transactions. The address is then audited by a third party to ensure the transaction is processed. Their mobile app offers mining for users allowing them to earn up to $3 per month of ETN tokens.

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