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Decentraland (MANA)

$ 0.045705

Key Info

Average Blocktime1 minute
Median Transaction FeeN/A
Block Size0.8913
Coin Circulation LimitN/A
Beta Coefficient1.1859

Historical Returns

Coin Ratings

SymbolCrypto ScoreVolumeVolatilityLiquidityIndustryApplicationMarketcapSupplyVolume (24h)Last 24h
MANA5.663.278.044.335.756.92$ 57.79 M1.26 B$ 2.22 M

Coin Summary

Decentraland’s focus is on creating a virtual world, similar to the game Second Life, and is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Developers are allowed to build and monetize games on top of it. The users of Decentraland will be able to explore the world, interact with users, buy and sell virtual in-game items, and run other applcations on it. Within Decentraland, users are able to P2P interact through video and text, use microtransactions, and utilize virtual reality if developers have created the ability to do so for their users.


What is Decentraland?

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