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Created in 2015 by a former ETH CEO, Cardano has evolved as an open sourced rigorously coded crypto investment with a ‘scientific philosophy’ due to groundbreaking technology within the cryptosphere such as a new proof of stake algorithm via Ouroboros. It functions with bilayer protocol: accounting and smart contracts. ADA is committed to constant adaption for the privacy of users and oversight of regulators where need be. Leading the development of the Cardano charge is P2P tech company IOHK and a couple public universities, whose goal is to disrupt unsustainable outdated systems in governing institutions, which provides foresight to the project’s future status. Developers launched its ICO intending to capture Asian markets because of over-saturation of cryptos in the US and to possibly avoid the grasps of the SEC. Need blockchain info for other platforms like dash cryptocurrency? Check out our full list under the “Coin Scores” tab.

Beta Coeffecient1.475
Coin Circulation Limit45 billion

Cardano’s Whitepaper