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Bytom (BTM)

$ 0.077897

Key Info

Coin Circulation Limit1.4 billion
Beta Coefficient1.23

Historical Returns

Coin Ratings

SymbolCrypto ScoreVolumeVolatilityLiquidityIndustryApplicationMarketcapVolume (24h)SupplyLast 24h
BTM2.304.922.574.000.000.00$ 12.55 M$ 2.18 M161.11 M

Coin Summary

Bytom (BTM) takes a triple-layer approach to blockchain distributed applications. Data transactions occur on the first layer, transmissions on the second, and the third is called the asset interaction layer. This layer connects assets from the atomic world to the digital world, allowing for the digitization of everyday items. It also seeks to perform cross-chain functions, allowing it to connect to other blockchains, such as Ethereum. The cryptocurrency has a vast number of future use-cases, ranging from faster, more secure payment systems and of big data collection.

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