Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies Certification

The Cryptoscores Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies Professional Certification is the premier professional certification in the Blockchain Industry. While other Bitcoin Certifications charge large fees and have their validity called into question, this Professional Certification is FREE to take and sure to cover virtually any topic needed to separate the crypto novices from the experts. With new questions added every few months, the Professional Cryptocurrency Certification is perfect to add to any resume, no matter how many attempts it may take to pass. 

Exam Contents

This Professional Certification Exam includes questions about the following topics:

  • Bitcoin History, Functionality, and Basics
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals and Differentiating Features
  • Technicals behind Blockchain Technology
  • Basics of Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Basics of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

This Certification Exam covers a variety of topics, and with questions ranging from basic to advanced in nature, this spread of content ensures that anyone who passes the exam has a complete understanding of the industry as a whole. But, does offer a complete and affordable Ebook about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology known as the “Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto: A Complete Guide“. This Ebook covers every topic included in this Professional Certification Exam, and although it doesn’t hold every answer, reading the Ebook will give anyone the information they need to pass this Exam.

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Certification Details

The Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies Certified Professional Exam is structured from the following blueprint:

  • Exam Time is Limited to 20 Minutes
  • Exam Consists of 50 Multiple Choice & True/False Questions
  • Users Must Answer 35+ Questions Correctly to Pass (70%)
  • Exam Questions are Randomized from a Bank of 100+ Total Questions
  • Exam and Certification are Both FREE

Upon passing the Exam, Certified Professional will be emailed a PDF Certification within 1-2 business weeks.

Are you an Employer or Professor hoping to Verify the Credentials of a potential Student or Application? Contact Us today and our team will get back to you within 1-2 business weeks to confirm any users credentials. All Certifications are stored on a blockchain ledger via Accredible.

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